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About Us

Employment solutions from a team who cares.

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When it comes to providing you with job seeking, staffing and engineering services, what makes Soap Creek Resources different? Strong Midwest values, experience in the field, and most important, long-lasting relationships.

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SCR was founded in 2017 because, as Midwesterners who have worked in the engineering, fabrication, and financial services, we wanted to use our contacts and know-how to pair the best talent with the best employers.

Once we realized people outside of engineering and manufacturing were also reaching out because they appreciated our focus on long-term relationships, we expanded our service to include employment solutions for all job types. Since then, the team has grown and we are here to work tirelessly to match employees and companies. 

Today we are out there walking shop floors and talking shop talk, helping fill all position levels from labor to entry to CEO with better candidates—faster!

Treat other people as you want to be treated.

Our mission is to build custom long-lasting relationships through service, faith, and passion tailored to your needs. 

Meet the Team


Justin Humpal

As CEO, Justin thrives when he is working alongside the SCR team to help people like you find success. With his background in engineering and 10+ years in staffing and recruiting, Justin is the solutions-minded advisor clients continue to seek out to solve all types of people and product problems.

Justin is the embodiment of “Iowa nice” and has never met a stranger. Building long-lasting relationships is what he’s all about. Born and raised in the Midwest, Justin moved from northeast Iowa to southern Iowa in 2006 to work as a contract engineer and is a big supporter of all things PCM Mustangs. He believes there is nothing better than the sights and smells of planting and harvesting, watching your dog flush and retrieve the first ringneck pheasant of the season, seeing a trophy buck chase a doe across a field in November, and cutting your first ice-fishing hole of the season.


Average number of hours I spend cheering on my kids at activities each weekend

Account Manager

Brandon Gee

Brandon is uniquely gifted at bridging the gap between talent and teams so that everyone finds exactly what they are looking for. With an extensive career spanning almost a decade in talent sourcing, Brandon’s clients continue to turn to him to solve problems—and he consistently delivers. 

Brandon hangs his hat in Albia, Iowa, and when he puts it back on for the weekend you will find him with his wife and two kids either at church, working on some DIY project, or enjoying the great outdoors.


The number of times I’ve surprised someone with how long I can hold my breath

Recruiting Manager

Cody Evinger

With over a decade of talent acquisition experience, Cody’s ability to match applicants to roles where they will thrive is fine-tuned. Cody’s gift for relationship building and knack digging deep to find solutions make him the guy our clients call when they want to propel their career or organization.

Cody is an Iowa native who you can most often find outdoors hunting, fishing, or spending time with his wife and two sons. If you do happen to catch him inside, that’s a good sign that the Chiefs are playing.


The number of times I’ve turned down Italian food

Administrative Coordinator

Brennan Ginder

With nearly a decade of experience in administrative assistance, research, marketing, and operations management, Brennan plays a crucial role at Soap Creek Resources. His proficiency in administrative support, detailed fact-finding, and language refinement ensures SCR’s organizational efficiency by managing both back-end administration and front-end content for smooth communication and an enhanced experience for you. 

Beyond his professional commitments, he indulges in literature, writing, and gaming, sharing these interests with his partner and friends. As a committed food and coffee enthusiast, Brennan stays updated on Des Moines’ culinary scene, showcasing his eagerness to explore new flavors and experiences.


The number of days without coffee.


What happens when I work with SCR?

At SCR, relationships are our passion. Let us know what you need and we will be the team that fights on your behalf to make it happen.

Why should I use SCR?

At SCR, we are the embodiment of Midwest values and the phrase “Iowa nice.”. So if you are looking for face-to-face attention and a long-term relationship with people who care, we are the team you’ve been looking for.

Do you guarantee your services?

Yes, our standard guarantee is 90 days for staffing placements. If we haven’t solved your employment goals by then, we will work to find another solution and/or provide a complete refund.

Why are you in staffing?

We have a lot of friends in business who need high-quality people—and we know a lot of high-quality people. We are perfectly positioned through our experience and process to help candidates find their next career and help customers find hard-to-find individuals. 

What sets you apart from your competition?

Long-term relationships with a team who cares. We don’t just want to do business with you today, we want to work with you 5, 10, 15 years from now. We’re the team that will come to your facility and walk your floors with you to understand your environment and culture—we’re that invested in knowing you and helping you succeed.

Do you support continued education?

Of course! We support people continuing their education and are happy to be a part of that process when the opportunity presents itself. 

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